Bronze Stam color wearing off!

  1. Hi there,

    I thought I read recently that some of you with a Bronze or metallic Stam said that their color was wearing off. I recently started carrying my Bronze stam for a few weeks and noticed that color has worn off on the handles. I am sorry, but for $1275, this should have not happened. I was curious what others have had happened.

  2. Is this off the chain handle or the leather ones?
  3. It is on the leather handles. The color coming through appears to be a nude leather color. I have heard other ladies mention their bags did this too. I personally wonder if they paint leather bags a metallic.
  4. I have seen this happen to a lot of the Chloe paddingtons. Can you return it and exchange for another color?
  5. I think this happens to all metallic bags, not just Marc Jacobs. My sis had a leather Prada that did that.
  6. I have this problem on my bronze shoes too :sad:

    I wish there was some way to paint the color back on. Obviously not a good solution for your purse, but my shoes were only $100... maybe I can use nail polish?
  7. I have that problem on my bronze bowler too...but not nearly as bad as the one in the eBay auction...
  8. I think most metallic bags will have this problem, regardless of brand. I have a Coach hobo in gold that has wearing on the corners too. It seems to be unavoidable.

    If you bought it at a dept store, they may allow you an exchange for another bag.
  9. yep i thinks this happens to every leather bag in metallic. i have a silver slouch bag and the colour has come off too( i have to admit i wore / wear it quite a lot)...
  10. Happened to my metallic Chloe Paddington unfortunately :sad: