Bronze Rolando size 37.5 @

  1. wooopeeedoooo!
  2. :love: Hot shoes!
  3. :sad:
    Wish they were my size.
    They are an amazing color!
  4. yeah i saw those earlier today, very nice!!
  5. Nice color, but the wine color is sexier. ;)
  6. Just checked the link and they're GONE!

    I hope someone on here was lucky enough to get them! :woohoo:
  7. I had those [in another size, though] in and out of my shopping bag several times. But ultimately decided that I like the wine patent better....
  8. ^ I got the wine patent too..metallics are hard to pair things with IMO.
  9. They are there now in a size 36 and 38. I think they would feel a tad softer than the patent and the bronze is sort of neutral, so it might not be that hard to coordinate outfits.
  10. Still there... I wajnt the wines though!
  11. wow those are gorgeous.