Bronze Reissue vs PNY Flap saga Continues...

  1. A week ago I posted a thread with pic of the bronze 227 reissue that I recieved. I was planning on possibly returning because my SA had found the bronze PNY flap that I have been wanting. Will turns out there was a mistake and I recieved the PNY in black instead, apparently there are no bronze PNY's available? The black is very pretty in person, very distressed and a slightly grayish black hue, but... What to do? I am posting pics of both bags as I don't know if I should keep one or keep both bags, keep searching, what do you all think?
    pnyblk.jpg pnyblk2.jpg DSC03345.JPG
  2. I love the bronze....its just gorgeous. (I also love your bed!!! Beautiful !!)
  3. I loved the black PNY. It's so edgy but still exudes class. Darn, I really LOVE that bag!!

    I am not a reissue girl, but you make that bag look amazing. Can you keep both? They are classic Chanel; you won't be wasting money!
  4. Keep the bronze, it's beautiful!! Love the black one too. How do you like that one compared to your black camera bag? If you can afford it I would keep them all!! :love:
  5. The pny is a lot more luxurious than the mademoiselle camera bag, better made. I could afford to keep both, but do I really want and need both or all 3?!:s
  6. If you like the black pny one better, than return the camera bag. I haven't seen the pny IRL, but from the pictures it looks a little more edgy. The camera bag seems more elegant, but I think we both agree on the quality of the bag. :amazed: I love the pny and it looks so great on you....but, you probably could make saran wrap look good!
  7. Personally, I would keep the bronze reissue - it's too beautiful for words.:love:
  8. I really LOVE Bronze Reissue on you. I don't care for PNY, but it looks great on you, too. If you can keep them both, you should. But, I personally won't buy 2 PNY bags in different colors.....
  9. I would either keep both or just the Reissue!
  10. I'm not keeping the white, it's just not me. I am nearly positive that I'm keeping the bronze reissue. Does anyone love or hate the black pny?

  11. I luv the bronze...:wlae:

    p.s u are u really need both or all 3? I think one will do...use the rest of yr money for other designs (just my opninion)
  12. Well, I love love love the black pny, mainly because it is def a Chanel, but with a sorta rocker side to it..Maybe you should let me carry it for a week and then I can really give you an educated opinion..:drool:
  13. Definitely keep the Bronze 227. Your pic prompted me to get the very last one available at BG. I love it! As far as the Black PNY vs. the Mademoiselle. They are so very different that if you can keep both I would (you can never have enough black bags). But if you have to choose, then I would choose the PNY over the Mademoiselle only because I like the regular diamond quilting more than the vertical Mademoiselle quilting. Good luck!
  14. LOVE the PNY, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    crap, CAPS lock! LMBO!
  15. Easy Swanky! You got way too excited!! LOL