Bronze Python Flap with Tassle **pic**

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  1. Yet another python added to my snake lair:
  2. Wow, that's stunning! Congrats.
  3. beautiful! i absolutely love the color
  4. hubba hubba!
    that is GORGEOUS!
  5. gorgeous indeed!
  6. WOW:wtf:

    (i have been knocked unconscious)

    THAT'S GORGEOUS! :drool:

  7. ooh nice! :yes:
  8. :nuts: OMG...I am speechless!!! It looks very elegant! Are you gonna model it for us too?:p
  9. omggg!! its gorgeous!!!!! congratz!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    If only we lived closer we could swap bags. I so love the tassle and the CC cube. That is how I fell in love with mine.

    Ok. w-jade you officially have to change your subtitle or screen name to be Python Queen!!
  11. oh wow! its beautiful! i love it! congrats on such a lovely bag! =) *drools*
  12. *THUD*

  13. Good grief, what a stunner. No joke, it's awesome and more. The color is so earthy and rich looking. I, too, would love to see it modeled. Pulease, pulease.

    What size is it? I'm going to tell my age when I say the tassle is a nice comeback. I used to see them on the '80s purses, some of them -- never the classic flap. Very nice touch. I'm a dying over it -- and I'm "scarred" of snakes!!!
  14. very pretty!!
  15. omg, w-jade, you're really the chanel python queen! :drool: the bronze colour looks so rich and it brings out the python scales so well. congrats on this stunner of a bag!