Bronze Pigalle 120 or Satin Helmoon?

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  1. Hi ;ladies,
    After loosing out on two pair of my HG shoe...Helmuts...I am jonesing to purchase another pair of CLs. My options for shoe of choice are Bronze Pigalle 120s (the ones Renee Zellweger is wearing in the celeb section) or Black Satin Helmoons (I already have 8 pair of black CLs). HELP me choose....
  2. BRONZE PIGALLE! they are beaautiful.
  3. Bronze Pigalle!
  4. Bronze pigalle!!!
  5. ITA - gorgeous colour :love:
  6. Looks like Bronze Pigalle wins! I will hopefully win this auction and then post photos!;)
  7. Good luck on winning them. They are gorgeous.
  8. Bronze pigalles hands down! Good luck on the auction archygirl!
  9. Thanks, ashakes...have a few days to go but keeping fingers and toes crossed!
  10. trying to stay away from black myself, but the Helmoon calls out to me for some odd reason. lol
  11. bronze pigalle 120 :smile:
  12. Oh bronze pigalle for sure!
  13. Bronze Pigalle, no doubt! :flowers:
  14. I vote for bronze too. Good luck getting them. Don't forget to post pics!
  15. One day to go...I will post pics as soon as they arrive!:tup: