Bronze or Navy Coco's Cabas?

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Do you like bronze/khaki cabas more? Or navy?

  1. Bronze/Khaki

  2. Navy blue

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  1. Ok, I know I have been waiting for my bronze/khaki color like forever now.....and I never saw the navy one in person except on ebay.

    Just want to see which color you gals prefer.

    Navy: eBay: RJC 07C BLUE TOTE CABAS AUTHENTIC New CHANEL BAG BOX (item 130050586840 end time Dec-01-06 10:32:35 PST) & eBay: STUNNING CHANEL CABAS DARK BLUE LEATHER BAG TOTE NWT (item 220051161987 end time Nov-27-06 08:30:00 PST)


    I'm leaning towards the bronze color coz I think it will go with more colors, and since I have been waiting for it ever since I saw it at the trunk show. But navy seems nice too in the pics although I have never seen it IRL. The bronze one though doesn't have distressed leather like the navy, which is not too appealing to me. The bronze has smooth leather.

    Also, in case I want to get the Navy one, where else besides NM sells that color? I called chanel 1800 # and they said the boutiques are not getting the Navy color. I can't shop at NM because they no longer accept any return from me (in case I decide to keep the bronze one instead). Does anyone know if Saks 5th is getting the Navy? I don't think Beverly Hills Saks 5th is getting the Navy color.
  2. What a dilemma.

    I have not seen either of them IRL, but they both look beautiful. I personally would probably prefer the navy because of the distressed leather. The navy would fit more into my wardrobe than the bronze.

    Tough decision. I guess if you love the distressed leather, go for the navy. If you think the bronze will go with your wardrobe better, go with the bronze.

    Good luck, sorry I wasn't much help.
  3. ^ thanks, actually I don't think I like the distressed leather.

    I like that navy color, but don't like the leather to be distressed I think.
  4. I also like the Navy.
  5. I prefer the Bronze and beauty of the slight metallic/sheen. I think you would have to see the navy IRL. The black cabas is not a true black. The distressed leather makes it look greyish or charcoal. That is one of the reasons I decided to pass on the cabas.
  6. So are you going to get the bronze one??
  7. i actually like the color of the navy more. it would be more wearable for me personally, but the bronze is pretty too.
  8. Has anyone seen the bronze IRL? Is it metallic or just brownish?
  9. difficult choice but i'm liking the navy a bit more
  10. It does have a metallic sheen on it but it's not like right in your face kinda shiny. I saw and tried it at the trunk show.
  11. I love both. I wish I could have both. The navy is growing on me more than the bronze, and it seems more accessible. Is Saks carrying the navy or just NM? I won't use my NM charge since they want 10% of the balance as minimum and that's too much money/interest right now.
  12. Bronze!
  13. I also want to know if any Saks 5th is carrying the navy color. Actually if only NM carries the navy then I would definitely stick with bronze because I won't shop at NM.

  14. If I remember correctly my saks SA told me they will only carry white, khaki and maybe (can't remember) black color. I don't remember the navy being mentioned.
  15. i prefer the bronze one - at least of the picture posted. i'm sure IRL it is gorgeous. Navy is close to Black and if distressed will have that faded out look like all the distressed chanels so far.