Bronze or Baby Blue Vernis...?

  1. I was thinking of looking for a baby blue wallet to match my future Azur pochette, but I love bronze too...maybe the bronze will contrast the blue a bit and will match with my monogram bags.

    Taking into visual appeal, durability, etc...what colour do you prefer?

    Added question--I need to hold bills, coins and cards. When I go to HK, I will have probably 4 cards with me max. What do you think of the following choices:
    - Ludlow
    - Broome
  2. Bronze! Def. doesn't have the fade issues the blue can have!
  3. You have to watch the baby blue - a lot of the pieces I've seen on eBay have some discoloration - almost a greenish color. Indigo would be a better match to Azur, IMO.
  4. I agree:yes:
  5. Indigo would be gorgeous to go with the azur!! Baby blue is pretty too, but I have a thing for bronze right now!!

    I have a broome and a ludlow and both are great! If you carry a lot of cash, go for the broome, because the ludlow doesn't have a cash slot (although I fold up some bills and put them in the coin part).
  6. I love the's a lot more durable than the baby blue would be; much less of a chance for discoloration.
  7. I vote bronze :yes:
  8. Get the bronze, I see a lot of the light blue get a yellowish tinge to it.
  9. I LVOE BRONZE ! I say go for it !
  10. bronze for all the reasons already mentioned.
  11. Same here- BRONZE
  12. Bronze- I've never really cared for the baby blue.
  13. Another vote for Bronze, I think the color is TDF! : )
  14. Definitely the Bronze! I have the Bronze Ludlow is absolutely beautiful and is what I use every day. The color has a rich sparkle that is very classy! The baby blue just doesn't do it for me.
  15. Does anyone have issues with colour transfer...? Like, seriously? It's probably one of the darker colours and definitely I don't have to worry about it as much, but bronze owners, do you see any patches like let-trade's wallet at all?



    I can't really tell if it's just the wallet reflecting off light or something...the patches appear in both pics. I really wanna get this, but will have to pass if it is indeed a patch of yellow.