Bronze metallic 07 paddy pics

  1. ok, she arrived today:smile: Here are the pics.
    So, what do I think? Um, hmmm, I'm thinking.....the bag is very lightweight. The lock is kinda cool with the chain, and only locks thru one of the outside pockets which means it doesn't flop around when you try to get in to bag (major pet peeve of the older style for me).

    The leather is completely different. I don't have the tag with me at the moment, but it feels silky. Twice as thick as the lambskin Balenciaga metallics. The leather has a bronze metallic "overlay" I don't know how else to describe it. And kind of a taupy bronze color underneath. It isn't an "in your face" metallic, but a more subdued shimmer that is distressed. The bronze is actually very pretty and this is what I was looking for. The hardware is more rose gold, light coppery bronze, distressed, and I like it.

    Initially I was on the fence about it. But, I was looking for a bronze bag. Usually I am a Balenciaga gal and was looking for the bronze in that. The leather is just so very different from my whiskey/red/garnet/anthracite paddies. Paddies which I owned but never carried because they were far too heavy, awkard because of the large, lock which seemed to be in the way or clunking around. So for me, this is a vast improvement.

    So is it a keeper? Well, yes I think so. Since the more I stare and type, the more I seem to fall in love. I can't stop petting it, and I'm loving how it changes from bronze to gold to rose gold in different light.

    And it is very hard to capture in a photo as the leather does not feel like it looks. It almost has a rough sandpapery look to it, but feels very silky to the touch.
    brpaddy.jpg brpaddyback.jpg brpaddyhang.jpg brpaddylea1.jpg brpaddylock.jpg
  2. Oh, Sunspark, she is very pretty!
    i love the distressed look, and you can see how the leather changes colors in different light!:heart:
  3. Actually - I love it! It is a whole new animal. Is it better than the classic Paddy? Hmmmm - jury is still out on that but i love the color and texture and I believe you on the feeeeeel! Congrats!
  4. Divnanata, I wouldn't say better, just different. The old Chloe leather is amazing. Nothing compares. But for me, this metallic works better than the anthra I had which had such a heavy vibe. And the hardware works better for me. I can see how many will prefer the original style though.
  5. Very beautiful Sunspark! Congratulations!!!
  6. Beautiful colour!!! Very pretty!!! :dothewave: CONGRATS
  7. The color truly is beautiful, congrats to your new addition.
  8. The bag is interesting, I'm on a limb, I need to see it in person. Glad you love the bag. Thank you for sharing
  9. Wow! I love it!! That's the first metallic color I've seen that I would really like to carry!! I love how you describe it as a cross between bronze and rose-gold.
  10. I like the colour but I saw these IRL recently and I just don't get that super small paddlock and chain.
  11. Thats a really gorgeous colour! Congrats!

    I think Chloe have made a smart move with this bag. If they continue the classic paddy but add this to the range, then they are capturing the market that like the 'idea' of a paddy but were put off by the weight and the cumbersome large lock (wore my new baby out for the first time today and realised how cumbersome it really is! but its worth it). so while I dont like it quite as much as the original, its still really cute!
  12. Beautiful, versatile colour! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Don't the the mini-locks on the Chloe website have stitched leather strips? :shrugs:

    I can't help thinking it makes them look more 'finished', somehow...
  13. Nice color, congrats!
  14. Forgot to ask where you got it from?
  15. ^Got it from the Chloe Boutique in NY, and yes it also has a leather strip around the lock.

    And yes twistedemily, they really are capturing a part of the market they had alienated before. I would totally buy another like this, in say, red lol.