Bronze Mahala- anyone seen one in person?

  1. I'm considering buying a bronze mahala but have never seen the bag in real life....

    I've attached the pictures I was sent by the SA.

    Have any of you seen this bag in real life? If so, what do you think of it? I would love to hear all your opinions!

    Mahala bronze.JPG bronze metallic detail.JPG Mahala detail 2.JPG
  2. It is a gorgeous bag and I had purchased it during the Nordies sale last month, but then my Liquid patent was released, so I ended up returning it with Guccidiva and letting her purchase it. I almost kept it, but I just could not justify that many bags in a month. GRAB IT:yes:
  3. Robyn:
    Thanks for the feedback! I just ordered the bag :yahoo:

    Just another question for you:
    -would you say it's a really bling-bling loud metallic or more subtle? Really shiny or sparkly? Thanks!!
  4. Very subtle and not at all loud. I like to be different and make a statement at times and this bag is TDF, but not flashy:nogood:
  5. Where did you buy this?? Is it still in stores? I might want one...:p
  6. Bonnie,
    It's on the list! Call Casey or email her tonight so she can work on it first thing in the AM. Be sure to address it to Casey in the email, so she is sure to get it!

    Will this replace the desired Champagne Maddy you were lusting after:graucho:
  7. I've seen it - its GORGEOUS!!!!

    Robyn ...don't tempt me, I'll holding off for a Chanel bag and shouldn't be looking - but how much are these on sale for :graucho:
  8. My bad, I thought this was a bronze Maddy. Casey confirmed that both Maddys (bronze and Champagne) were sold out.

    I want this to be my going out bag...
  9. Bonnie,
    I just received my Bronze Maddy from It is gorgeous!!! But a little more metallic than I thought. They still have it in stock if you want it!! It definately has some bling to it...
  10. I have the bronze maddy...mahala's little sister. Its beautiful!
  11. I think I'm going to get the Champagne Mahala over the Maddy and the Bronze. Love them all, but I carry way too much stuff. And yes, I see that it's 30% off on Well, I'm going to hold out and either snag one at 50% or live with more money in my bank account :tup:.
  12. :nuts::nuts:where can you find one at 50% off - thats great!

  13. I ordered it from a JC boutique in was 50% off so I think the total came to around $730 or so.:tup:

    I'll try to post picks when it arrives!