Bronze luxe bowler okay for Summer?

  1. I've been wanting to use my bronze bowler more this summer, rather than my silver cotton club tote, but I'm not sure if it is more of a fall/winter bag.

    Is it okay to break it out now, or is it too much of a fall bag?
  2. I have only used mine a few times total, but I think it would be fine for summer. I don't consider it a WINTER only bag.
  3. I always thought that bronze looked great in the summer.
  4. ^^totally agree. I think it looks great anytime!
  5. i think so too, bronze looks great any season, all year round!
  6. Bronze is great for fact I'm bringing a bronze metallic bag with me to NY in a few my silver cc tote is pouting!
  7. I own this bag and will use it year round. It looks fabulous with everything!
  8. Bronze can be worn all-seasons!
  9. you can wear it anytime because it is a more neutral color IMO
  10. I agree it is a great all year round color! Enjoy it!
  11. Thanks all for giving me the confidence to break it out! Bellabags I love your dark silver bowler, I wish I'd gotten one in that color also.
  12. Why not?! It's such a beautiful color!
  13. it's a beautiful color and will look good anytime.
  14. Bronze is beautiful in the summer IMO! :smile: I wear a lot of corals, creams, brighter colors, and bronze is way more flattering against those colors than black, especially in the summer... so go for it! Btw, the bronze luxe bowler is gorgeous!! :smile: