Bronze/Khaki luxury med bowler owners help!

  1. Hi ladies, help me out here! :smile: I'm lusting for a medium bronze/khaki luxury bowler. Is the retail price still 2160$? Or has it gone up like the reissues have?
    Also for the ladies who own it, does the tag say "khaki" or "bronze"?
    Since the new luxury khaki flap w/ gold hw has come out, will Chanel or has Chanel launched a bowler in the same color and hw color?

    Thanks for the info! I'm not sure if I should wait out for the new khaki lux bowler w/ the copper hw (the color is the same as the khaki baby cabas) or get the fall 06 bronze bowler now. :yes:
  2. Edit: the luxury bowler is still 2160$. Now I am torn between the dark silver or the khaki bowler!

    bump bump.
  3. Okay, I'll give you an opinion! I think the fall khaki/bronze bowler is a wiser investment. The deerskin leather is much nicer than the calf leather used on the cruise bowler. While the cruise bronze leather might be more striking due to the shinier finish and copper hardware, the hardware will probably start to tarnish/oxidize over time, whereas the silver will last longer. Remember - the coating on the khaki Cabas CC charm is already giving at least one PF member problems. It won't be long until others start to notice their charm peeling.

    The fall bowler is worth the investment. I love my fall black deerskin bowler!
  4. i saw the khaki and dark silver bowler in london and i have to say, the dark silver one gets my vote. it's just a really subtle colour. what's more, my two male friends with me at the boutique both voted for the dark silver over the khaki too! :roflmfao:
  5. Thanks ladies!
    zerodross, about the dark silver-maybe it's one of those things i need to see IRL, the dk silver looks so drab in pics.

    Roey, i did see clk55girl's post about her cabas charm peeling. Thanks for reminding me of that. I certainly dont want a >$2K bag's hardware peeling, esp the bowler's hardware will experience more chain-to-chain friction and contact.

    Are there still any black metallic deerskin bowlers around?
  6. Unfortunately the black deerskin bowlers are long gone. You may get lucky and stumble upon a returned one to NM, but it would take a lot of calling around and hoping a savvy s/a can either track one down or alert you if one comes into the store.
  7. So new bowlers (Cruise 07) are all made of calfskin. While older bowlers (Fall 06, Spring 06) are made of either goatskin or deerskin, am I right?

    I'll be on the hunt for a deerskin black bowler. I can see myself wearing it years to come, as for a bronze color - its staying power wouldn't be as long as black.
  8. yup, the dark silver needs to be seen IRL. i was looking at pictures of the dark silver & khaki and was swaying towards the khaki. but when i saw both of them IRL, the dark silver definitely won. it's a very subtle shimmery colour that's pretty pale, but imo, very classy looking. the khaki was nice too, but in comparison to the dark silver, the dark silver definitely wins