Bronze Flap?? Michele, Swanky.. I need you!

  1. Hello gals! I'm not really into the classics or reissues, however someone on this forum has a bronze flap that I can not get out of my mind. I want it so bad! I've been going through the threads trying to find it but to no avail... Help.:crybaby:
  2. Thompk has one.... try searching like that... HTH!!
  3. ^^^ No... It has the CCs on it so I guess its the classic???
  4. I think you might be lusting for the luxury flap in metallic bronze deerskin. I have the goatskin in metallic black - here's a pic of the style. Is this the one?
  5. The bag that I am lusting after was in the "What's in your Chanel" thread that I can't find. It was bronze and kind of squishy looking...
  6. No. Its like a regular flap but bronze and looks very soft.
  7. Okay. Its official. I'M BLIND:wtf: !!! I JUST found the thread. Lily has the bag that I am lusting after. Anyone know where I can get it and what its called? I guess the color is gold.:upsidedown:
  8. That purse is TDF ! I saw it and wanted it too ! PM Lily , I'm sure she'll tell you what it is . She seems very nice !
  9. Good luck with the bag!!!!!!!
  10. roey beautiful bag! :nuts:
  11. Thanks frayed! Nice to see you out of Chloe land and in the lovely world of Chanel. Might we tempt you to shop?!
  12. Sorry envy! I was shopping today!:shame:

    Isn't that the most amazing bag!???:love:
  13. I must have it!! Will I find it??? I need to find a handbag detective...
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