bronze colour mulberrys

  1. Me likey!!! Not into gold, but the bronze is nice and should age well!!
  2. The bronze metallic rubs off really badly
  3. I love the bronze, but I also heard that it does rub off. In fact the couple of bronze bags I have seen in store didn't look to be in good condition at all. I think ditab has a bronze bayswater (or is it an alana?) Anyway, hopefully she'll see this and be able to advise you further.
  4. thanks ladies i had a metalic bronze chloe paddington but it rubbed off withing time!
    i think its the down side to having a metalic finished bag.
  5. I saw a bronze bayswater in the store and it was beautiful IRL.
  6. I LOVE metallics. The bronze is gorgeous. However, I did not know that there is a problem with the color rubbing off. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to buy a pricey bag and then have this problem.
  7. Mmm,I'm sure Tara has a metallic Mabel,and I'm fairly sure its bronze,I seem to remember her worrying about the metallic coming off,she asked if there was anything I had come across to stop that,not that it was doing,I just remember having a conversation about it with her.She'll probably be about later on.
  8. The metallic Mabels & Agynesses are goatskin leather and it seems much more robust.

    The bronze Bayswater, Emmy & Alana are all coated glove leather and, yes, the bronzing will eventually wear off on straps & corners. It would also scratch off so you have to be quite careful with the bags.

    My Bayswater has got minor wear at the corners where the bronzing has rubbed off but it is not noticeable. And I'm sure I've scratched it (I scratch all my bags :rolleyes:) but the bronzing hasn't been damaged.

    I know this would bother lots of people, especially with such expensive bags, and I think that's why the bags were sent straight to the outlets and not sold in stores. I'm happy with it as the bag is so striking. It does seem to be a common problem with metallic leathers, though - I've heard that Marc Jacobs metallic bags aren't very robust either.

    The metallic glove is SO different to the metallic goatskin though - much less subtle.

    One thing to bear in mind is that most of the bronze Alanas and Emmies have chocolate straps with them - this is to show the colour the bag will become in the areas that the bronzing wears off. It doesn't look too bad in photos but IRL it just looks like you've got mismatching straps. So definitely look out for this.
  9. thankyou:tup:
    im going to have a look at some today!