Bronze Color lux bag

  1. I saw the bronze bag recently and found the color to be very interesting. It seems to be called Khaki in the lookbooks.

    I don't usually go for brown tones as i usually wear a lot of black - do you think it's an easy color to coordinate with other neutrals?
  2. I didn't know they were making a bronze colored LUXE bag.

    Are you talking about these?

  3. BTW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bronze color.:love:

    I have a 2006 reissue in bronze.
  4. YUMMERS!!! :nuts:

    Where's the drool smiley?!!
  5. I vaguely remember a deep bronzish metallic-ish color at the trunk show, almost certain it was Luxe{?}
  6. Well I'm anxious to see all of the bags that are actually going to be sold this fall/winter at Chanel.
  7. me too! :jumpingupanddown:
  8. looks nice
  9. Is it the one that quite metallic brown-ish one I saw one flap luxe in that color and i'm dying to get one.

    The SA called it metallic color. If it's that one, i am sure it's not the same as in the pic of smoothoprter.By the way, very nice bag.
  10. sorry, the bronze is just not jumping at me. i am probably the only one feeling this way:shame:
  11. if I remember correctly it's a very deep brownish bronze - bronze by definition to me has a little shimmer in it, I assume it'll be metallic{?}
  12. It is not the same color as Smoothoprter 's pix. it was more a brownish metellic like what swanky described. It was beautiful! I saw it in the bowler, and am waiting to see it in the zipper tote. The flap sounds beautiful too!
  13. Oh yes, I saw pics in the look book of the metallic brown that the bowler will be coming in. Are they calling it bronze?
  14. I don't know if I'd pay $2K for it! I'm not a metallic person and I feel like this would be too blingy. Of course, I haven't seen it in real life yet.

    Swanky, do you remember if it was very metallic-y and blingy in real life? Because even though the black ones are called "metallic", they are more just shiny leather than metallic leather, KWIM?
  15. I think you guys are talking about the same color as the one i like. I saw it IRL. It's not blingy at all. If she didn't tell me it's metallic,i would think it's just a bit like shiny brown. I think it's not the way chanel do the bags if it's too shiny or flashy. The color and leather is so yummy