Bronze City on Bluefly again

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  2. Yup, that's the fake bag I bought (& sent back!) This is just inexcusable! They need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.:rant: :mad: I wish someone would buy this & take it to Bal NY & show them. I bet THEY would put a stop to it!
  3. This is SO inexcusable and unacceptable!
  4. Sad.
  5. I'm actually angry, despite knowing there are much worse things going on in the world.
  6. That is just inexcusable! I am boycotting bluefly- reselling a bag that has been reported as fake is just WRONG!
  7. My return was just delivered to their warehouse in VA yesterday and I am waiting to see how long it will take for them to post it back online. This really gets me mad because it is taking advantage of the consumer not to mention it is illegal!!! We have told them time and time again that these bags were not authentic yet they proceed to put them back online.
  8. wow. thank god i saw comments below i thought the bag was beautiful (i dont know much about bbags) thanks god. cuz i love the mettalics and would have considered this bag if i had known
  9. I wonder if anyone has reported Bluefly to the Better Business Bureau??? It is illegal to sell fake goods under the guise that they are authentic, - FRAUD!!! That is something that should be reported!
  10. I was thinking the same exact thing. It makes you wonder who is making the decision to put a bag back up for sale after it was returned because it was not authentic. Bluefly is going to (or is) take a HUGE hit on their reputation.
  11. OK, I would report them personally, but I never ordered nor received these bags, maybe someone who did should report them
  12. yikes, whoever bought these b-bags should report them...selling these fake bags is totally illegal...i'll never feel safe buying from "bluefly" ever again now :sad:
  13. If I had bought one of those bags, I'd post something about it on
  14. Holy Moley! I just bought this exact same bag from an eBay Seller called "the Big Easy". How did you all know that is was fake when you bought it from BlueFly??
  15. I think the rivets were one problem. I think they didn't have notches or they did but they were wrong.