Bronze City B-Bag???

  1. Does anyone have pics of a bronze City? I am thinking of buying one from BorsaBella, but I have not seen any pics other than a stock photo. Does anyone have this bag, or have you seen it? Is it available in the U.S.? Anything, anything? Thanks!
  2. No- sorry, but sounds awesome. Good luck on your quest!
  3. I would love to see this color in person. You don't hear amuch about it, but it must be wonderful? I have the pewter and I *love* it.
  4. Is yours a City? I would love to see pics!
  5. Balenciaga1005CityMatBR1.jpg

    Here ya go - from an old auction by seller maerim (she's legit, fyi).

  6. thanks for that pic english_gurl_900!! i'm just so in :love: with bronze right now. i must have that City! is this BorsaBella an online store??
  7. ^^ No, she's a member here. ;) But check with ETenebris - I think she had her eye on it too.
  8. THANKS! I knew Maerim carried Coach, but I never knew she had Balenciaga! I may have to check her stuff out again. That color is fantastic. If anyone has seen it in person, does it have a reddish undertone? I told BorsaBella that I want hers when it comes in! I don't know if she is getting more than one. :smile:
  9. I have a bronze city and I absolutely LOVE it! The color is gooooorgeous, can be worn all season, and goes with everything. It's a rich deep bronze, not reddish at all IRL. Before I got this bag I've read that some people are not keen on the contrast of the silver hardware and the bronze color, but in person I think they contrast beautifully. Here's a picture of mine, and a picture of Rachel Zoe carrying a bronze work (which made me buy my bag :P ).


  10. Oh, that is a fantastic colour! I would love a box in bronze...
  11. GOOD LOOOOORRRRRDDDDD that bag is fabulous! Next mission: Bronze Balenciaga.
  12. I love this color, does anyone know who sells it?
  13. oh wow... first time I see a bronze pic. Nice!
  14. Hey ladies,
    I just checked Cricket for you. They have 10 Bronze Cities available right now.
  15. Thanks SO much Lovensparkle! Now I HAVE to have the bronze. That pic in sunlight on Rachel Zoe is to die for! (And yours is lovely, too...but they really POP outside in natural light!)