Bronze Carly . . .

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if someone could post pics of their bronze carly ?
    A lady at my moms work is getting rid of hers, and I went and looked at it, and it looks real, but I wanna double check !!! I usually don't buy used items, but she only wants $200 !!!

    TIA :smile:
  2. Is it possible that you could maybe take a picture of it and post it here, just to be safe? $200 would be a great deal if it's real. BTW, do you remember what color the inside lining was?
  3. did coach make a bronze carly???? i don't remember it
  4. I saw bronze carly at coach store. they're TDF. love the carly. that is a great price if it is real, and gently used.
  5. Yes, it just came out. The color looks kind of similar to the khaki/gold.
  6. Okay, I am an idiot, it is a GOLD carly, but anyways, the inside was tan and the creed was a gold leather patch and said all the right stuff . . . I will see if I can get a pic sometime . . . thanks for the help though !!! * It is a Med.* if that helps . . .
  7. ranskimmie has a new gold carly.. maybe you can search for her pic!!
  8. Okay ! THANKS !!! :smile:
  9. Khaki/Bronze Carly just came out....maybe it's that color???
  10. okay back to this again, I was looking at pics of other carly's creed, and some have a light tan lining and a brown creed then there is blue lining with a darker brown creed, but hers was a GOLD creed and the light tan lining, just like the lining in my sig. stripe tote, or my ergo, it feels real !!! idk what to do !!!!
  11. It is probably real. Does she have receipts or proof of purchase? Can you take some pics and post them on here? Will she let you buy it or hold it for a day just to make sure it is authentic? If it is that is a pretty good buy.. you can get a medium on pce for $261 plus tax. :yes:
  12. this is gold isnt it ?
    Not my pic... borrowed from another member.
    Ebay Pics 664.jpg
  13. This looks like gold to all the accessories are gold too. :yes:
    Here's bronze from the Coach website...

    And here's an authentic eBay auction for the Carly...looks like the creed is tan..

  14. Hi everyone. Yep this is a pic. of my goodies and its the khaki/gold Carly.
  15. Lisalovescoach: Are you looking for pics of the bronze or gold Carly?