Bronze baywater or brown ledbury?

  1. I've been looking at the brown Ledbury which seems quite a good size ( I don't carry much and have a bad neck so don't usually carry on my shoulder)
    After seeing the lovely bronze baywater I wonder if this may be a bit more jazzy for winter?? I understand it's lighter than the darwin so that's a bonus and I can probably buy it for only a fraction more than the Ledbury (as that never seems to come up in a sale or eBay)
    Anyone got any thoughts on the two bags??
  2. The chocolate ledbury would be a classic and last you years? Although the bronze bayswater is gorgeous and would be great for this winter would you tire of the metallic eventually?
  3. Also because the bayswater is bigger you may be tempted to try to 'fill' it and therefore carry more weight !
  4. I agree - I think if you don't carry a lot then the ledbury is perfect. Plus while the bronze is gorgeous - the brown ledbury will go with more things. I don't know what you do but I personally wouldn't use a bronze bag for work KWIM?
  5. Thanks, that's kind of what I thought..
    I have loads of browns in my wardrobe and I think the Ledbury is quite versitile.
    Although I could get both........
  6. Bronze Bayswater :yahoo: Although I'm biased because a) I've got it myself and b) I don't like the Ledbury. Nothing wrong with the bag at all, it's just the straps & proportions don't work for me in any way - the bag makes me look & feel like a giant :rolleyes:

    I was worried that I'd tire of the metallic - I'm so into metallics at the moment but will that always be the case? However, the bronzing is very subtle. If I do go off it (yeah, right!) I could always re-sell. The glove leather is lighter than Darwin, more robust to rain and the bag is lined, if that makes any difference to you. I bring the bag to work with me (it's the only place I do use it as there's no way I'm hanging it off the back of my little one's buggy!) although our office is fairly casual.

    One word of caution is that the bronzing is fairly fragile and, over time, will probably rub away. You may have seen this on the corners of the Bayswater in store. But I'm fine about this - I think it will remain bronze for ages and if it does start to come away, the colour underneath is a rich chocolate shade.

    But I can see I'm in the minority :yes:
  7. I would get the ledbury; its really cute,more versatile and the darwin leather will wear beautifully.... thats just my opinion though!
  8. hi, i've finally bought the choc Ledbury.
    I know it's quite small but seems like it suits my needs more.
    Saying that, I know fancy something with some colour as well.
    Better start selling some more bits on eBay...
  9. well done rachiem, I think you made the right choice!
  10. Congratulations -I want to see modelling pics when it arrives!!!:yahoo:
  11. enjoy! i know you'll like the choco ledbury.