bronze 2.55 reissue - sos!

  1. visiting from the H board.

    does anyone know if this bag is still available? and if so, at what price? i just saw it in mar'08 version of marie clair - being worn by jessica alba. very adorable. thanks.
  2. It's from 2006. Very few were available and sold out immediately.
  3. hi, as i have not seen this issue yet of marie clair that you mention and unable to see the color may i ask if this color is the same or similar to the 2008 they have in Canada called dr brown?
    i know they have not received the 2008 dr brown in the USA from reading different threads :sad:
    link to the 2008 dr brown that i am talking about found here

    maybe this might help you in finding what you are looking for :idea:
    the dr brown is the color i have on reserve, and can't wait to see it in real life:yahoo:
  4. This one right?
    Bronze226.jpg Dark Gold & Jessica Alba.jpg
  5. oh that is pretty too, but is not the one that i thought might be known as the 2008 dr brown

    sorry hermes_lemming, just thought i would try to help out.

    by the way Smoothporter or anyone else do you have a guess as to what size the one Jessica is holding?
    Thanks so much for posting the pictures:heart:
  6. Yes, it's the 226 size.
  7. ^ Yup, that's it. It's gorgeous!
  8. Yikes! Just how skinny is Jessica Alba? Whenever I see her pictures, I'm surprised by size of her bags. I can never tell what size are her bags because they look so much larger on her than me. Lol~ Anybody know how tall she is?
  9. ^ I think she's 5'6"... I know what you mean haha, because I have the dark gold 227 reissue, and her 226 looks like my 227 does on me! :nuts: :roflmfao:
  10. Too bad they didn't make more or haven't released it again.. this is a nice color! :drool:
  11. is this bag a S08 Bag???
  12. ^ It's from Fall '06, and sadly at the time the 227 size was $2095! :wtf: :nuts: :sweatdrop:
  13. That bag is gorgeous. I want one.