Bronx boots?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with Bronx brand boots? I'm considering a pair of their flat boots, but I don't know this brand. I'd appreciate your thoughts on fit, comfort, and especially the quality.

  2. i have a pair of black ankle boots from bronx and let me just say they are extremely comfortable. i love them, i got them from Nordstrom about three years ago and they're still good quality. it fits me perfectly and i think the quality is pretty good as well. my experience with them have been nothing but good. :yes:
  3. they're good quality.
  4. I have a few pairs, which I bought a few years ago and they are are well designed, comfortable and affordable. :yes:
  5. Thanks for all the feedback on the Bronx boots. Sounds like a great brand. I went ahead and ordered the pair pictured below from I was looking for a flat leather boot, and I thought these looked really cute. I hope they look as good in person.

    I am concerned about some of the reviews of similar styles by Bronx on Zappos . Many claim they tend to run narrow.

    Have any of you found that the Bronx flats run narrow?
    Bronx 12943.jpg