Brompton in US? Limited?

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  1. I did a search and I read some info but need more! Something greatly attracted me to this bag! I'm thinking it is the fact that it isn't too heavy, I like the pocket divisions and the lining. And I haven't purchased a DE bag in many years. Does anyone know if this bag is sold in the US and if it is limited? Because of its high price tag, I don't see how I can get it until close to Thanksgiving! And I'm just wondering if I should find a 2nd choice if this one is no longer available. Thanks everyone that can advise me here!
  2. It is sold in the US. I've seen it many times in store. I actually found it quite heavy!
  3. I agree that it is heavy, especially for a canvas bag. I looked at it in the Palm Beach Gardens store because it looked different and functional, but it was hefty!
  4. For the price then , maybe I should get a Bloomsbury and an Odeon - lol! They are probably lighter weight and more carefree bags!
  5. I think you should go to a store and see if you can try the brompton on. You never know if you will love it also look at the bloomsbury and odeon. If you like the divisions, there are other bags like the pallas (which I found heavy but others don't) or the pochette metis and Kensington.
  6. I agree with irishlas, as there are two things to consider in order to ensure you love your purchase: how does the bag feel when carried and how does it look when worn. I agree that the brompton was way too heavy for my taste, but I have neck/shoulder issues so I may not be representative of how this bag feels. Keep us posted on what you decide!
  7. I just saw the bag in the store and was curious as I purchased Kensington last year. Yes it is heavy,
    Kensington is lighter, a cleaner line to it, and just simply more elegant. Having had Kensington for a year now, I can tell you that my heart still skips a beat every time I take her out and she hasn't aged a day!:heart:
  8. I love the Brompton too! Does anyone know if it limited edition? How can we tell if things aren't going to become part of the permanent collection?
  9. There is really no "permanent collection" per say. Most new designs and colors are available for a few seasons and then are retired. Some are available for shorter periods than others. Seasonal bags are sold for about 5 months. Runway bags are the most limited.
  10. Thank you for replying! How can we tell the difference between seasonal bags and just new designs?
  11. Example of recent seasonal bags: Ramages, Jungle Dots, Christmas Animation, etc. Your SA can tell you how long these collections will be available as it is indicated on the product information sheet they get. However some bags sell out before the end of the season. The general rule is, if you like something, it's better to buy it now than later as Louis Vuitton has a tendency to remove bags and colors from its catalog pretty rapidly in order to replace them with new models.
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