1. ive always had in my mind the perfect style of handbag that im looking for. i was browsing this site yesterday and noticed the spy bags for the very first time....that's the perfect style ive always had in mind! unfortunately, i wont be able to get one right now due to some financial issues.....and it breaks my heart so baaaddd!!:sad: im soooo tempted to just put it in my card, but i know i shouldn't!!

    sorry if im being a crybaby. i wouldnt feel like this if i didnt fall head over heels in love with the spy bag...... well i know someday, ill finally get my own. i think i should start a spy bag fund or something...that would be good.

    thanks for listening guys. i just needed to vent.
  2. Aww don't worry, there will be time! First of all, there are always spys popping up on eBay that are authentic, besides that there are great stores like jomashop that sell them discounted, sometimes unimaginably heavy discounts. Besides that now you have plenty of time to choose the perfect one, sometimes my wants change in a matter of days or even hours! So yes, you can collect those random change lying around etc, it all adds up. it'd be nice to get some of the money from little savings, it'd be like adding your own discount. :flowers:
  3. thanks kneehighz. that makes me feel so much better! i'll keep checking eBay as well as jomashop for discounted spys and at the same time, ill also start my spy fund hehe. one day, i'll finally be able to get my very first spy bag (chocolate one is what i prefer right now)! the spy on your signature, it's beautiful!!! thanks again!!!
  4. Don't worry, once you save up for it and get it, even if it's months or a year from now, it will be worth it when you get it. And you will treasure it even more. :smile:
  5. all good things come in time. :tup:we'll all be really excited to see pictures of you with your first spy when you do get it!
  6. Yeah i know it'll definitely be worth WHEN i do get it someday!:smile: can't wait! thanks kavnadoo and lilolme...for sure ill post pics when that day comes! :smile:
  7. ahhh guccilove, atleast you have found a style you adore now, thats a great thing. And just think how much more special it will be to you when you get your hands on one finally ;)

    in the meantime, you can drool over the fabby ones here to keep you going!
  8. chloe-babe....yes im drooling as we speak:drool:. im on this site all day! i just cant stop looking at the spies....i just think they're so beautiful =)

    btw, this is off topic but i assume you love Jack Bauer too because of your picture. I love 24! heehe. anyway, thanks for the encouragement! this site has such great support group! now im going to go ahead and drool some more over the spies haha!
  9. I want the chocolate one as well! Made the decision after looking at Aishwarya's pics..soooo pretty! Love the color...lets drool together:
  10. ^Urm... you're not helping her. LOL.
  11. No ones forcing her to log onto tpf..

    With love,
    -The enabler:devil:

  12. im drooling im drooling!!! :drool::drool::drool::drool:

    kavnadoo's right, you're not helping at all kneehighz! haha jk! anyway im just glad somebody's drooling with me lol! dang i cant stop saying beautiful the chocolate one is! actually, how beautiful they all are!!
  13. Beautiful spy. Ash carries it well.
  14. abs ash does it very very well ! i knew i had to put these pics on the moement i saw them!! its a sure treat for everone im sure:biggrin: and gucci love ull surely get ur spy dont worry!!
  15. Is Jomashop Authentic?