broken zipper pull on Medallion Tote

  1. If the zipper pull is broken off of a Medallion Tote is it repairable? If so, how, who, etc.? Has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks!
  2. I understand that Chanel will make repairs on broken bags. If the bag is still under a year, perhaps the repair is free? Call the store where you bought it and check with them.
  3. Yes, the zipper pull can be repaired. It happened to me.
    I just gave it to my SA (at NM) and she sent the bag out to fix.

    I forget how long that took...maybe about 4-ish weeks.
    It cost me about $100.-$150. Not too expensive and Chanel cleaned it too.(mine is the pale blue...almost white colored)

    They sent my bag back to me directly to my home. Although I can't remember if I had to pay for that shipping. You'll have to ask the SA for that detail.

    I suppose you can also have it fixed at a trusted shoe repair store. However, I wouldn't...for the price we paid, going to Chanel only makes sense.
  4. I've heard it happening to a couple other people and they also sent it to Chanel to have it repaired.
  5. that sucks!! I hope you don't have to pay for a repair!
  6. I was going to purchase this bag. If anyone has had any recent problems with the zipper pull, please let me know. thanks