Broken Tom Ford Sunglasses

  1. Not sure if this is the right thread...I'm just really upset. I've had my Tom Ford Sunglasses for about a year. This morning they snapped, right where the gold and the plastic meet at the side. I'm about to cry.

    I got them at Nordstroms, but it was like a year ago and I of course don't have a receipt. I was literally taking them off while driving to work, so I dont really even know how it happened.

  2. Sorry that happened to you! Nordstrom has an extremely liberal return/exchange policy. I would take them into the store and see what they can do. Good luck!
  3. oh that's such a shame. Tom Ford make high quality sunglasses but like all sunglasses "wear and tear" can occur if you use them on a daily basis. After a years wear it can not be regarded as manufacturers fault but I am sure Nordstrom can send them back to the manufacturer to get them fixed or replace it for a new pair or store credit, because Tom Fords are expensive and should last you years. They might not do anything at all as it is their discretion. Let us know what happens and i hope you get a brand new spanky pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses. :biggrin:
  4. omg this exact same thing happened to me so i totally understand! i dropped them on my kitchen floor and the arm just broke clean off. luckily i bought it at an eyeglass store and they were able to ship it back to tom ford under warranty and i just paid for the shipping. they ended up giving me a brand new pair! doesn't hurt to go to Nordstroms and ask. good luck!
  5. So sorry this happened! If you paid by credit card Nordstrom can track it down and will replace them for you.
  6. Oh no, so sorry this happened to you! Won't hurt to see what they can do. Good luck!
  7. Norstrom will refund or exchange them. In their policy it says if the customer isn't 100% happy with their purchase, no matter how long ago, then you may take it back. Give them the card you bought it on. I allways keep my expensive clothing purchases reciepts.
  8. hey, just wondering if you got a new pair of tom ford's, because mine just snapped too, and the guy that sold it to me was adamant on the fact that because it wasn't the lens that broke, the factory wouldn't replace it. For some reason it sounds so fishy to me. I just bought the pair like 3 months ago. So hopefully if he sends it off to the Tom Ford factory in Italy, i'll get a new pair. If you did get a pair from the, how long was the wait?

  9. I once had problems with my Tom Ford prescription glasses (is that the good name? the ones you wear when you can't see very well :p )
    My optician got me a brand new pair, but he did mention that he had a lot of problems with the Tom Ford sunglasses' arms falling of (though my problem was with the glass and not with the plastic)

    Maybe if its a general problem, they will recognize is as a production error?
  10. i bought them at nordstroms, and since they linked my sale...they just gave me a new pair right there. This was awhile ago...but it is great service. For the price of the glasses they shouldn't have fallen apart when i was just taking them off. I'm pretty sure the manufacturer isn't accepting blame.
  11. ^^^ I am glad you were able to get a new pair, go Nordstrom!! :woohoo:

    where_we_keep, sorry about your glasses. I hope it works out for you.
  12. :amazed:Hi

    Hope someone can help. Have had my tom ford sunglasses approx 8 (yes eight) weeks and i just folded them up and put them on the dinner table for a moment and the lens just fell out and the arm detached. I have worn them four times max. I am incredulous/confused/amazed/disappointed at this can anyone advise me.:yahoo:on how to get fixed/new pair.

    I bought them in Milan, Italy (from a reputable shop) and have no plans to go back out until summer. I still have the receipt of course.

    I'm sure Tom (if he knew) :smile: wouldn't be happy at this poor manufacturing.

    And the one time we get some real sun too in the bank holiday. Unbelievable.

    If anyone can advise it would be most appreciated :biggrin:

    thanks in advance

  13. The thing is most people take of their specs with one hand which puts strain on the arm and weakens the joint, that could have the cause for them breaking. be careful with your new sunnies.
  14. I bought 2 pairs of Tom Fords last years-and they have been the worst sunglasses I've ever bought. They have fallen apart at every part that can come apart-one pair is now in 6 pieces. I am pretty appalled. They are SO expensive, but I've had $5 sunglasses from a market last longer.
    I'm back to Ray-Bans!
  15. my tom fords broke as well-- the arm part just fell off, just lik that--- you can still see the metal brace inside-- I had them LESS than a month and the place i bought them would not return them.. i had to call the manuf and they directed me right back to where I bought them from. they called them, I had to go back again for them to ship them back, but was told- they couldnt be repaired and they did not know what the manu would these babies wer 400... I need to stick to chanel...