broken Tiffany necklace

  1. My necklace from Tiffany broke over the holiday. :crybaby:
    I was watching TV & reached to play w/the pendant when I realized that it was gone. I grabbed my necklace & realize that the chain was broken. I'm very disappointed & surprised that this happened. . .I've never had any necklace break before. :cursing:
    Has anyone ever had jewelry repaired at Tiffany? Should I go to a regular jeweler?
  2. Hi Redorfe, I think the best thing to do is to take the necklace to Tiffany and have them repair it...
  3. ^ I agree- Tiffany seems to stand behind their stuff. If they won't repair it, if it is a regular silver chain you could probably replace it for close or less to repair cost. I don't know what type of chain you have though.
  4. I would recommend bringing your necklace back to Tiffany's for repair. It might take up to two weeks and ask them to ship it to you directly - I believe shipping would be free but you will have to pay for the repair up front.
  5. I am sure Tiffany will either fix or replace the chain for you. They stand behind the quality of their products.
  6. I broke my Tiffany's necklace chain a couple months ago. I took it to a Tiffany's, they sent it out and shipped it back to me. No shipping charges. I also didn't have to pay to get it repaired, but I don't really know why.

    Either way, take it to Tiffany's. They will take care of you.
  7. Okay, thanks for the input. I'm going to go in a few days. Happy New Year!
  8. sorry to hear about the chain breaking. i'm sure you almost had a heart attack moment when you reached for your pendant and it was gone....

    update us on how it goes. and could you tell us how much it costs to fix the chain? thanks :smile: good luck!