Broken Sunnies...will Dior repair?

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  1. Hi there! I have a pair of Dior sunnies that is broken and was wondering if I take it to Dior....will they be able to fix it for me and how much will it be? I got it from Nordies and it's that metal part beside the frame. Basically it came off of the frame so my sunnies only has one side of it on now. I love this pair and would be so sad if I can't get it fixed. Anyone knows about Dior repairs? :crybaby:
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    Anyone knows?
  3. Did you go to Nordies first and ask them if they can fix it?
  4. I've never thought about that. I still have the receipt and all but it was on sale. Either that or it was from Nordie Rack. They might just give me a refund instead (which is what I think will happen) but I like it so much and it was the last one. :crybaby:I am trying to get BF to come with me to Chevy Chase to see what Dior will say but I will call first I guess. I just don't know their policy at all, KWIM? Thanks anyway. I will try calling today.
  5. You should call Dior first. However I think they are going to refer you to Nordies since you bought them there. They may fix them though. If they say no, then call up Nordies, they can probably send them off for you.
  6. I think they can..I have a pair with a one year warranty on them, and they told me I could bring them in for repairs if I had any problems :smile:
  7. I just called Dior and they said they can take a look at it and if they can't fix it they will refer me to the manufacturer and they can fix it. Thanks elongreach for all your help!
  8. I didn't know they have warranty on them. That's good to know. Thanks icechampagne!
  9. Most sunglasses have a 1 year warranty. I have Diors and I know they have a warranty on their glasses. I'm glad you were able to get it settled.
  10. UPDATE: BF went with my sunnies (I'm currently in PA but will be in MD on Thursday then jet of to HI for 9/10 days) and the first SA started giving him the manufacturer's phone number but a second SA popped out and she was the one I spoke to yesterday and she took the sunnies to the back and came back with it. She told BF they had to replace one part of the screw and that was it. I was so stoked to know that I have my baby back!!!