Broken stud?

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  1. Looks like Nicole's bag is really loved..She does use it often.

  2. all the cool kids are doing it!
    onestud balenciaga.jpg
  3. is the knotting done b/c the tassels split? i always wondered about that
  4. I thought it was a shoelace.
    It's her "ghetto" bag.
  5. yikes, poor kate really needs to call up the b-bag store for some new tassles :amazed:
  6. yikes!!
  7. ...a shoelace? :hrmm:
  8. Hmm, could it be one of those braided friendship bracelet things? A shoelace would be too funny but at the same time, tragic.. Hehe!
  9. PLEASE someone just tell her she can get free replacement tassels? i'm sure BalNY would LOVE to give her some...

    a shoelace? A SHOELACE kate? tsk tsk tsk!
  10. Seriously, the shoelace & missing stud are statements.
    She's ghetto at heart, I mean looks at her ex!
  11. lol... who has her home address? :roflmfao: lets send her a new set of tassels!