Broken straps on Luxury bowler

  1. Hi there,

    I'm helping a friend out with this post. Last year, she bought a luxury bowler and after about a month one of the straps broke. Since, we don't have a chanel boutique here we sent it to Chanel in NYC to have it fixed. Upon recieving the bag, she didnt have a great experience with the boutique (thats another whole thread). And just yesterday, the strap broke off again.

    I never have a problem with my Chanel straps and have not really ever heard this happening before. Is this an inherent flaw or is this just happening to my friend?

    Any opinions and insights are very much welcome. Thanks in advance
  2. It's seems to be happening a little bit more lately, but I think it happens on certain bags more than others. I would call a manager, and demand they fix it for free.
  3. it happened to my classic medium caviar. I sent it through a friend who went to Paris, since thats where I bought my bag. They fixed it the same day for free :tup: I posted my brokern strap problem classic caviar strap broke.

    Hope your friend gets her bag fixed.
  4. thanks for the replies. Will be sending the bag to NY to have it fixed. Will update you on what happens.