Broken Strap Fix!?

  1. Hey All,
    I'm new here, but I'm not a new lover of handbags and designer goodies in general. I live near a Saks distribution outlets where I have rescued a wide number of beautiful designer things: Yves Saint Laurent pumps, a Dolce and Gabbana tan leather shoulder bag and finally a GORGEOUS tan Tod's bag that would be perfect except... the strap is broken! :wtf:I bought it anyhow, it was $50 and there was not a scratch on it, but I want to know if anyone has suggestions on how to fix this problem. Its broken at the seam where the strap meets the piping and honestly, I'm tempted to resort to tacky glue. Any suggestions of a good glue, or will the manufacturer repair it for me?

  2. I would take it to a leather repair place and see what they can do. You paid such a great price that the repairs will be worth it. Please don't use tacky glue!! You don't want to make the problem worse. Good luck :smile:
  3. Why don't you look up Tod's on the internet and call their customer service?
  4. So I called and left a message (which seems technologically prehistoric) and also wrote an e-mail on the contact us page. I'm thinking I will have to fix this one on my own? Thanks!