Broken Stam!

  1. My Stam broke!
    the clasp won't stay closed anymore!
    two of the golden buttons fell off from the bottom & on the side!
    Has anyone out there shared my misfortune?!
    Can anyone tell me what's the best way to proceed/repair attempts?!
    Does MJ HQ in NY accept 7 months old bags for repair?
  2. The Marc Jacobs Collection store should be able to send the bag out for repairs. Where did you buy the bag?
  3. If purchased at MJ boutique, they will definitely send the item out for repairs for you. Most boutiques don't charge for service within the 1st year.
  4. Good luck with your dilemma, I hope it gets fixed soon!
  5. Definitely get in contact with the store you bought it from and get it fixed.
  6. sorry this happened to you. Try calling or visiting the MJ boutique nearest to you for repairs.
  7. That's so upsetting!! Contact the MJ boutique and see what they say!! Hopefully you'll get it fixed soon!
  8. any updates? :smile: