Broken Spy bag help needed please

  1. I got a large black spy bag a while back for a steal because the dangling braided piece on the front of the bag had sheared off when the previous owner took a spill, and landed on the bag. Now, my favorite things about the bag certainly don't include this little hanging thingie - the way I carry it, even if it were attached, it would probably hang inside the bag anyhow.

    So, I'm not HUGELY attached to it being on the bag, but does anyone know how I might be able to get this repaired, especially since I don't have an original receipt for it?

    It didn't detach, and the clip didn't separate. It is completely sheared off right at the top of the hagning piece.
    If photos would help, I can take a couple when I get home from work tonight.
  2. I would go to a place that works on leather or specializes in "refurbishing" leather goods. Where I am, we have this places that refurbs me and all my girlfriend chanel bags (were talking about white lambskin used for a night out corners turning yellow.)When she she got hers back it was pretty much in almost new condition (you can still see the creases and it had a pretty shine to the leather). BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO THE RESEARCH AND ASK THEM IF THEY"VE EVER WORKED ON DESIGNER BAGS.
  3. Yes, I do have leather workers that I've worked with for years, but this isn't a problem with the leather, unfortunately. This is an issue of metal shear. It either needs soldering, or some other metal work done on it. Or, does anyone know if Fendi itself would honor anything like this without a receipt?
  4. Find a place that does shoe and luggage repair - they often work with designer goods, just ask them. You might even call or visit a high end department store or designer boutique in your area and ask where they take things. My SA at Manolo referred me to the place where they take returns to be refurbished. I just had a pair of shoes conditioned and recolored, and (only $45 later) they look like new! My SA at Nordstrom was happy to give me the name of only jeweler in town that they recommend as well. If your sales associate has had great experiences with a repair service, they're usually really happy to refer you.
  5. Perfect! Thank-you! :idea: Luggage repair... It was such a brilliantly obvious choice, I didn't even think of it. Being in Vegas, too, I'm sure I can find someone who deals with luxury bags.