broken shoulder?

  1. on monday (my 24th bday!!) i slipped, fell down the stairs and landed on my side:cursing:
    luckily, my ribs, tailbone, etc. are only bruised, but i broke my humerous and am in intense pain.
    i was prescribed vicodin and my arm's in a sling... the break doesn't require surgery... but since it's an injury that has to heal itself, he told me it may be anywhere from a month to much more until i can use my poor arm again.
    of course i'm following *dr's orders,* but i was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies has ever had such an injury, and if so, how long it took to heal, how you took care of yourself, etc...
    this is my first yr. out of college and on my own, and therefore i've never really had to take care of myself in such a way!

    btw... i'm getting much better at 1 handed typing... and still have managed to put on make-up/ accessories despite it all... the dr's think i'm insane for still wanting to look fabulous injured:graucho:
  2. Breaking that bone should not take more then 6-8 weeks to heal fairly well (enough to get out of sling). Alot will depend on your own body, and how bad of a break it really was. The most recent bone(s) I broke were my 4th and 5th metacarpal (multiple places) along with a dorsal dislocation of my Hamate. It took about 8 weeks in a cast and an initial 2 weeks in a splint for it to heal. I ALMOST needed surgery, thank goodness I did not. The bad thing about the hand in my case is that it took at least another month to get complete function from it, and it STILL hurts depending on my what I am doing. This occured last Sept.

    In comparison I had a fracture of my right ulnar styloid process and a "hairline" fracture in the same ulna. That took about 6 weeks to heal well enough to get out of a cast and have a great deal of function out of it.

    Not sure if that really helps to much, but I would honestly say 6-8 weeks is a good estimate for an average bone fracture.