broken omega watch?

  1. Not totally sure if it can be fixed yet, at least in my current budget.

    Its authentic, Ive had it verified by 3 jewelers. Most have drooled over it hehe, it really is a lovely watch.

    It is vintage I believe, would love to get that verified- ie the model, etc. It is gold and a delicate (1/2 inch band) women's watch.

    get this, probaly deal of the CENTURY (lol), my dad bought it for me for $1 at a vintage shop as a fun piece of "costume jewelry". We didnt even realize at the time it was omega (though it says inside by the dials)

    the face inside is a little dirty (dust?) and the hands dont work. Most estimates for repair are around $200. I dont know much about Omega, know its a nice luxury type watch. Is it worth it?

    Im 16 btw. Would this be an appropriate watch or should I

    a. invest, get it fixed and sell?
    b. invest and treasure forever
    c. dont fix but wear none the less (tacky wearing it when it doesnt work??)
    d. other??

    thanks again. Im just really in love with it but am worried it wont be able to be fixed.
  2. Maybe you could have it appraised first to see if it is worth it to spend $200 to fix it. But if you totally love it, then I vote B, invest and fix it and treasure it. I would totally keep it, especially if it came from my dad. Then you could tell everyone your dad bought it for a dollar! ;)