broken locks?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the lock breaking.

    I always take the lock off the one I am carring.

    I got so annoyed when it smashed on a counter. At home I was afraid I was going to chip my table or counter top. So I banish the lock when I take a paddy out to play.:supacool:

    Anyway, anyone have problems with breakage?
  2. after 23 views and no replies...I am taking it as a "no", there are no lock problems. LOL:lol:
  3. I don't have a Paddy, but...from looking at them, how do you NOT smash them into things? LOL

    It's a great look but that lock is heavy! could turn your bag into a great weapon if necessary! :nuts:
  4. LOL ain't that the truth.

    I'm telling ya, it drove me crazy the first few days I carried it. I finally threw care to the wind...and took it off.
  5. Well, the paint chipped off slightly but Chloe takes care of that (beware of the long transit times...).

    As for smashing it on something, I don't think the metal lock would break but it would certainly damage other things (glass surfaces, etc.)
  6. My lock on my grenat paddy has not broken but I sure have bashed other things up with it. I think the danger is for other objects in the vicinity of my bag and not the lock it self! I almost bashed my car up a couple of times so now I mostly where it without the lock.
  7. I just wondered if the "banging" would finally damage the lock.

    I was very worried about counter/table. I would TRY to remember to be careful, but I would forget...hear the BANG..and THEN remember.:crybaby:

    So I just took it off. I don't think it makes a difference in the bag..I adore the bag with or without the lock.:love:
  8. No problems at all and I use my paddy constantly. Lock has held up well.