Broken links on Astor Tote

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  1. Hi....about a month ago I purchased a Large Astor Chain Tote. I am madly in love with this bag. However...I noticed that the links on the chain are not sealed completely. They appear to have never been soldered closed. This is concerning to me because if it coming apart after 1 month, how will this bag hold up over time???

    When I contacted MK about this, I was wondering if this was a defect, or is this just how their bags are made? They asked for photos, which I sent. They then sent me an email saying to mail the bag back to the them for repair. If it cannot be repaired they will keep the bag and help me find a replacement. This was not acceptable to me because 1) I shouldn't have to pay to ship a brand new bag and 2) I don't want to risk loosing the bag that I love so much.

    I then called customer service who immediately told me that is how the bags are made and it shouldn't come apart further over time. Apparently, the links are never sealed...they are just pressed together and not soldered.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? This is my first MK purchase. I am disappointed that the bag isn't better made, but I LOVE the look of this bag. I wonder if it is not made as well because the bag is MFF?

    I know this is an older have other Astor Totes held up?

    I tried to post pics, but I had trouble...sorry!

    TIA for any input.
  2. My Sister in law has this bag. I do know she has been using it a lot for over a year with no issues.

    With the popularity of chain totes, I have not noticed any being soldered. Probably because of cost mainly, but it would potentially mess up the clean line and be a rough edge for things to get caught on.
  3. Thanks for the reassurance! I hope it holds up. I have several coach totes with chain links & they are all soldered smooth so you can't see any "seams," (though they are a bit heavy). That is why I found the disconnecting links concerning.