Broken leg

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  1. I was hit by a cab in June and suffered a very bad tib/fib(right under knee)fracture. I had 2 surgeries and stayed in hospital for 10 days. I now have physical therapy 3x week. I am still in alot of pain, limp and can't bend my knee all the way. I wad very active prior to this, I worked out daily. I have some other issues making my life very difficult(sick child). I was wondering if anybody has gone thru anything similar and I'm just expecting too much. I can't function the way i use to and I just want some hope that my life will be normal again. If you've been thru a broken(badly)bone or know someone who has I'd appreciate any advice at all. Thanks.
  2. Jujuma, so sorry to hear you are going through this. I had a situation, not as bad as yours. I broke my wrist last year, had to have surgery. Then there were complications, swelling that did not go away, inability to move my wrist and fingers. I work on a computer for a living, so this really handicapped me. I had physical therapy for six months and some special nerve block treatments to reduce the swelling. A year later my wrist is not 100% but it is 90% and I can lead a pretty normal life. At least in my situation I was told, I would continue to regain movement for as long as a year after the injury, so I hope this will be true for you too.
  3. Thank you, they told me it was a year(at least)recovery too. I'm just going thru this horrible time and I would normally run(or do yoga or something)to clear my head. But between my son and my pain and my uncertain feelings about the future I don't know how long I can hold it all together. My friends and people are always saying how impressed they are about how I'm dealing, but they don't know how I really feel. I see you're from NY if you did PT in the city and can recommend someplace I'd be really thankful. Part of my problem is I'm in the city so much and I can't find anyplace good, if you know of somewhere can you PM me? Thanks.
  4. Oh, boy, do I ever feel your pain! I am a competitive ice skater and in late August I twisted my right ankle on a jump and ended up tearing the sheath that holds your ankle tendons in place. So for a week after it happened, my tendons were popping in and out of place. I was on crutches for a bit and then in one of those big plastic boots for two weeks. Now I am just in a small plastic brace, and it is healing slowly but surely. But like you, I was very active and not being able to run or do yoga or skate for the past 6 weeks has been torturous! I just have to keep telling myself to be patient and that this too shall pass. I know my recovery time will be shorter than yours but all I can say is hang in there and I know exactly what you're feeling! (((hugs!!!)))
  5. It's so hard being on the sidelines....

    my injuiry isn't quite as bad as yours ~ I slipped on the garage floor a few weeks ago and everyday I wake up wanting to work out or do some treadmill but the pain is still there.

    I've had it x-rayed twice and it's nothing major ~possibly a hairline fracture but it's slowing me down!!!! My swelling is down now and my foot was black and blue around the middle toes and all along the bottom of my foot ~ it's amazing just a slip like this could cause so much pain.

    Hope your feeling better soon!!!
  6. I just found out I'll need a 3rd surgery because I've overhealed and have too much extra "gunk" in my knee. It should make it easier to bend and give me less pain. I will need a 4th surgery in 2 months to remove hardware. I'm just on overload dealing with my son's illness, his condition is more serious than mine. I want a full recovery for both of us. I've never thought I would go through something like this and sometimes it's all too much. I just try and get thru each day the best I can and try and approach my therapy like a workout. But my son is what my main concern is.
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