Broken leather at Miranda

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  1. Hello ladies! I made GREAT deal and bought brand new genuine Miranda for like 75 USD.
    Sadly, seller packed bag REALLY REALLY BAD and leather was destroyed - see pictures. Do you have some experience with this kind of damaged leather? It's possible to go away in time? Or is there any method to repair it?
    Will you keep the bag or return? Or will you keep it due to price?
    Thanks for all your advices!
    IMG_20160623_180126.jpg IMG_20160623_180455.jpg IMG_20160623_180448.jpg IMG_20160623_180138.jpg
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  2. #2 Jun 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
    I'm no expert but soft leather will smooth out if the bag is stuffed and left a while. This leather on the premium line will be good quality but I'm not sure about this type of thick, smooth leather. Someone who has this bag can offer more help.
    On a side note- wow,wow, wow what a bargain!!!!
  3. For that price (WOW), I would stuff it and condition the leather. The bag and color is gorgeous!!! It's a keeper... :yes:
  4. I don't have a bucket bag but for that price, I would keep it. It looks like the leather is creased which it will do with time, use, & age. I would condition the leather well & stuff it to the max & let it sit for a while to see how that works out.
  5. This is definitely a keeper even with the crease. Congratulations, it's a beautiful bag
  6. I second, third ;) .... fifth what the ladies said. B-e-a-u-tiful!!
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