Broken In Taupe Grey Matte Leather

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  1. Since a few ladies have been curious about the taupe grey matte leather, I thought it might be useful to show pics of it after one month of continuous use.

    My WTM Midi is now soft and smooshy with a nice patina. In the pics, my bag still has my stuff inside.

    Below, the color looks more grey. Usually, I can see the bit of taupe in it. The color has a somewhat chameleon-like quality. Depending on the lighting, you see more or less of the brownish undertone. Here, you see less.


  2. WOW ... I love how nicely it's broken in. I have a Taupe TME Midi and I love the leather now when it's new ... can't wait to see how amazing it will be when it's broken in. I love the subtle sheen it's developed. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  3. Just gorgeous!!!!

    I have a taupe grey wtm midi and full size. That's how much I love this leather.
  4. This leather is smooshy out of the box! Mine is totally collapsed. I use it everyday.

    it is one gorgy leather, yes?
  5. YUM!!! [​IMG]

    That leather is scrumptious, tK!!!

    Thanks for posting...I love broken-in bag pics!! And I am seriously, seriously tempted to get something in this leather. It's too gorgeous.
  6. This is how I hope my Taupe bags will look like!!

    I really like the ageing...and the sheen that follows. Thanks for the pictures.
  7. Thanks for the pics... Your bag looks amazing now!
  8. Absolutely! Mottled gold was my favorite leather, but now that the taupe grey has obtained some patina, it is now my number one fave!
  9. Thanks for posting the pics! It looks really smooshy, yums!!

    by the way, how is your mottled gold coming along? Would love to hear your review and see pics of how mottled gold wears too! :yes: .... I'm really curious as to how mottled gold wears with time, and does anyone know whether the mottled gold has changed ever since Jenova got hers?
  10. Lovely! I've been completely bowled over by the taupe leather, and I never thought I would hear these words pass my lips, but I think I actually prefer it to the dark grey matte!:nuts::faint:

    I've been trying to take pics of mine but it is so dull here and it's an exceptionally hard colour to photograph - they all come out grey when in fact I would describe it as being a light minky brown with a touch of grey, a true light taupe in fact (imo!) but as been pointed out it is rather the chameleon.:biggrin:
  11. peppy, I'll try to get some new pics of my mottled gold SMM posted sometime after tomorrow. I wish I could carry her everyday this summer, but I enjoy my other BE bags also. Have to spread the love, hehe!
  12. It is a color that can only be truly appreciated in real life. It is so difficult to capture it in a photo! I still don't know how to describe it well in words. "Grey with brown undertones", or "taupe with grey undertones"??? CB, perhaps your description is the most accurate since "taupe" comes first in the name.
  13. The leather and color looks amazing, even prettier than taupe when it is new, thanks for the pics.!
  14. it is nice bag. i love it very much. have two strip on the front. and grey colur is very good.
  15. I love the way the taupe leather breaks in and agree it's very hard to capture the color on pictures. It's such a nice color and the perfect neutral - goes great with browns and blacks.