Broken In Miroir Speedy???

  1. Hi everyone! I really LOVE saggy and broken in speedies...does anyones miroir speedy look more broken in...does it have the potential to sag? I dont like the stiffness of mine? please help! thanks so much!
  2. I remembered let-trade used to have one...

    I hate sagging especially on Miroir Speedy, so I try to prevent it ..

    Ps. one way that you can create the sagging is to have some heavy thing in your bag, or try to put things inside that make the bag imbalance..
  3. I use mine a lot and it really never "breaks in." It sags a tiny bit but it really looks pretty much the same no matter how much you use it or what you put in it.
  4. i dont think the miroir bags were meant to be saggy, because it bends the vinyl, and leaves permanent crease marks.

    you could try to put heavy things in it, but there may be permanent creases.
  5. it's made of plastic right?
  6. yeah, i am beginning to come to realize its not gonna sag...its just kinda uncomfortable when you carry it...maybe i will get used to it?
  7. Yeah, I think the design prevents it from getting the trademark sag. It may be more damaging to try and force a sag because the vinyl may not bounce back and the creases may be forever! But I know what you mean about the very structured look.
  8. if you put heavy things in it your going to get stress marks on it also don't think your ever going to get the sag on this one it's just not the right material and to try and make it is going to damage the bag
  9. You mean there is no sag in the Miroir Speedy at all??? Arggggh...that was the main reason that I didn't get the Speedy because of the sag issue. Dang, dang, dang! :sad: