~ Broken in Brief *PICS* ~

  1. So I've had my Brief for about a month now, used her non-stop, flat-stick - and this is the result...

    A lovely, soft, fluffy bag which I adore!

    She was pre-owned, so the previous owner helped out with the being broken in part, but I think I have contributed some-what and thought I would share some pics.





  2. I love the brief style and your bag is gorgeous!!! I have a twiggy, city and a day bag, but I think I need a brief bag now because I love yours!!!
  3. Aw thanks!

    I used to have a city and twiggy... love the Brief style!
  4. beautiful, is it a black brief?
  5. fayden yep, its a black Brief :yes:
  6. Beautiful! It looks even better broken in! That's what I love about bbags - they just get better with time!
  7. Love it fashion! The brief found it's way into your heart, aw...:love:
  8. Indeed it did!

    PS - How did I know you would pop up in this thread :p
  9. NIIIICE!!! Love allll broken in bbags!!
  10. That pic is devine! :nuts:
    Shmooooosh alert!
  11. ^^ OMG, that's scrumptious!!! :wtf::nuts::heart:
  12. It looks great, I love the Brief style!
  13. wow, it looks FAB!
  14. does the brief always stand up so nicely when full? I always thought because it was thinner it would flop over like the day when you set it down.
  15. Wow, it's beautiful!! I always thought it was quite a structured bag, but I see it just needs to be used and loved!

    I wish you well,