Broken handle!

  1. The handle of my red croc Bottega Veneta purse just broke! The metal rod used to fuse the handle to the frame snapped in half! Does anyone know if I can just bring it into the Bottega Veneta store to have them fix? (Would it be free?) Or can anyone recommend a good handbag repair place? Does anyone have any idea of how much this will cost to fix?

    Thanks so much!
  2. :wtf: Oh no...wish I could help somehow but do not know.......can I ask how long you had it for?
  3. maybe 5 months

    I do tend to carry a lot of things in my handbags ... but this is a metal rod that broke!
  4. I was supposed to have this bag for life! :crybaby:
  5. OMG that is terrible! Wow. I would check with BV, but also wherever you bought it from if it wasn't the boutique. Then maybe your credit card has some protection, but maybe 5 months is too long. Wow, so sorry, that is ridiculous!
  6. I would say check with BV - I know with some designers the bags can only be fixed by them - and it's pricey. I've heard that an LV zipper is like $50 - 100 to get fixed - yeeks
  7. LVs have a 2 year warranty on their hardware...I believe that they will fix anything that goes wrong within that time frame for free unless you did direct damage to it that is at direct fault...:yes:
  8. I feel for was only 5 mths old too...I would contact the place of purchase and get the head quarter or customer service dept of the maker and contact them for repair questions and locations.....keep us updated!
  9. I'm sorry, but that is just unacceptable! BV needs to repair that bag for free, or the store needs to give you full credit. A bag of that price should hold up forever, but for sure more than 5 months. I don't think I would consider buying that brand after hearing this!!
  10. I think they should fix it for free too. I don't know what their policy is. Can you call and ask?
  11. Start with where you bought the bag. If you bought it at a BV boutique by all means call them. Bobellisshoes fixes bags for free, I had to return a Lanvin there for repair.

    Even if it's not free it's worth having your bag fixed correctly.
  12. For the price of their bags, I think it should definitely be fixed for free. That's unaccetable. Dooney and Bourke and Coach both have one year guarantees. I would expect no less from BV.
  13. You should definitely take it to the store and they should repair it for you or explain why they cannot or will not. Any handbag company that charges Bottega prices should stand behind its merchandise and the store manager should be well trained in what types of repairs are possible.