Broken Ferragamo Hairband


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Jun 18, 2007
Hi girls,

I have a vintage leather Ferragamo hairband which I have with me for many years and unfortunately the plastic that kept the shape of the hairband broke. :sad: :sad: the sad thing is i have it with me for years but hardly ever used it.

I had sent it to my local F store in singapore and after leaving it there for almost a month, they returned it to me and said they could not get it fixed. What really angers me was they refused to send it to Italy (which i believe is the headquarters) and told me that even if they did, they would not be able to repair it.

I was very angry and brought it in to a store which specialises in repairing bags and such and they told me to write in to Ferragamo Headquarters and he was very sure Ferragamo would have it repaired for me as all they need to do was to replace the plastic piece inside.

I've been trying to google for the email address or contacts but to no avail. Do you girls have any idea where i can send my email complaint to?

It's such a pity i cant use it anymore and i really hope Ferragamo could repair it. :sad:


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Aug 17, 2007
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I just looked at my hairband and honestly do not know how something like that can be repaired. Is yours sewn together instead of being glued? It may be more complicated than you believe. Can you post pics here? If you can find someone to repair it, I would suggest using a spring steel band inside rather than plastic, as it will become brittle again eventually.


Jan 28, 2007
unfortunately i think with headbangs once the plastic frame is snapped its gone.

unless you can try DIY - unstitich the frabic and put it onto another frame?

but really i though ferragamo would've offered to do this for you!