Broken Engagement: Legitimate Place for Tiffany ring resale

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  1. I know Tiffany's does not have a secondary market. I have been holding onto this ring for months and now feel it is time to part with it. I don't trust Craig's list or eBay. Is there any legitimate sites for this type of transaction? I found and see the reviews are suspiciously either 1s or 5s.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I sold a wedding band on that site and found it to be completely legit and the people were very professional. Otherwise try telling it to a local jewelry store. But keep in mind you'll get a very low price for it on the secondary market.
  3. Fashionphile sells Tiffany jewelry so they may be worth looking into. Best of luck :heart:
  4. Give it back after a broken engagement? Hug to you!
  5. Yoogiscloset...etsy?
  6. I thought that is what one is supposed to do...
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  7. My fiance dumped me via email, after having police wake me up in the middle of the night, throw me out of his house, in another state, for no reason other than he decided simply did not want me there. (he has severe mental illness) He sent me the email to break our engagement, changed his phone number and blocked me on social media. I never spoke to him again. He never responded to my emails. He never asked for the ring back. I looked up the law in his is one where if he breaks the engagement, I get to keep the ring, if I break it, I have to give it back. He broke it, in the most horrific manner possible. I don't feel bad about not giving it back. This man ripped my heart out and emotionally gutted me and the post mortem repercussions I have had to deal with this are enormous. I would have rather things worked out between us than keep a stupid ring, but this is minor compensation compared to what I have dealt with. I am not going to argue this point with anyone.

    If this was a normal breakup, I would have followed proper etiquette and given it back. No one has the right to judge me on this since you have no idea what he did and what I have been through.

    I would like to stick to topic and just discuss the resale question and not rehash my painful personal past
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  8. Oh no that is horrible, melissa, I had no idea of the circumstances or I certainly wouldn't have posted that. No judgement was intended. You do what you have to to do...
  9. Thank you. This happened months ago. I wanted to be sure of the legalities because I did not know if he would ever come of the wood work and sue for the ring back. But I looked it up and had a lawyer review it. His state is one of the few that states if he broke the engagement he does not have a claim to it. Maybe if he spoke to me and broke our engagement like an adult , but he simply vanished. I would not even know how to get in touch with him to give it back if I wanted to.
  10. {{{hugs}}}
  11. You could consign the ring with a reputable jeweller. I have used both Jewels by Grace and Good Old Gold to consign both modern and antique diamond rings.
    I got a maximum return on my jewellery and the purchaser had the security of buying the items from a reputable source with a returns policy.

    It's not always quick but it may end up getting you the best value.

    Good luck with your sale. You deserve a great result after such an awful experience.
  12. Wow!! I can't imagine what you've been put through. I hope you're getting in a better place now and starting to feel whole again after something like that.

    I really don't have much to add, but maybe just two thoughts. I'm usually on the LV forum and come here periodically. On the LV forum there was someone also asking other than the typical ebay, craigslist, fashionphile, etc....where else? Someone who posts all the time chimed in that she relies on Facebook. Said she has found groups on FB that are legit women and men who sell to each other. I don't know if there's something like that on FB for jewelry, but just a thought. Another idea other than going to "diamond exchange" type place or "we buy gold/silver" place would be to find an independent buyer seller of jewelry. Which for me was I knew somebody who knew somebody when a friend of mine needed to sell some jewelry. Best of luck to you selling it! Keep your head up:hugs: I'm sure you don't have to be told, but you are way better off now without the chaos you could've been married to.
  13. It is. The ring is actually the property of the person who purchased it/ gave it to you, by law, on many states.
  14. Not sure if you've read the full thread but I think the original poster has clarified the situation and this does not apply in this case. :smile:
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  15. The OP posted that it is not applicable in her state.