Broken earrings - warranty??

  1. Yikes so I purchased a pair of matching earrings for my sister and I at Galleries Layfayette in the Chanel Boutique and one pair is damaged. They're clip ons and the one pair doesn't firmly clip - its loose and jiggles. I really didn't think I'd have to try on both pairs but I was wondering if I should be able to exchange/repair them at a Chanel boutique in the United States?

    Gah. What a pain!!! (Btw. this is my first Chanel purchase...:crybaby: )
  2. when did you buy them?
  3. Last week in Paris. I'm kicking myself for not trying them both on. I'm back in the US now.
  4. They're under warranty then, Chanel has a one year I believe.
  5. Thanks! I was worried. Hopefully next time my purchase will work out better.
  6. I'm sure it will!
  7. Quick question about the warranty (I didn't want to start a new thread). Do I need the receipt or statement from the boutique to have a repair done or will the authenticity card do? It was purchased a few months ago. Thanks!