Broken denim mini peaty

  1. The clasp on my pink denim mini pleaty broke, the bar across just came unscrewed.:blink: Anyone else have a problem with hardware before? Luckly I know the SA at the Monaco LV and got a replacement. First they tried to give me the "we have to send it to Paris BS" but I was having none of that, since I just bought it 2 months ago and they would have to cut open the bag just to get inside!:censor: I don't shell out that much money to get a reconditioned bag. Thank godness I knew the SA, cause then another woman came in with a broken Onatah, they told her she was "to hard on it" and would have to send it in and then send it back to her in the States.
  2. Oh my, sorry to hear that. :rant:I have the blue mini pleaty and just bought it a couple of days ago. Your experience makes me somewhat apprehensive to use it often... :blink:It seems to me in the last year or so the products have become less durable. The fading MC is just one example.:shocked: Well, I hope all is well with the new mini pleaty :flowers:
  3. Yeah, the brass will scrape everytime you open and close it. I am not particularly hard on my bags either. Enjoy yours, it is such a cute style.:love:
  4. I would be so mad.
  5. That's one of the reasons why I didn't get a Koala wallet. I would be so worried about the brass lock scraping. I'm sorry to hear about your mini pleaty. I'm glad she'll be okay. Did you have to pay to get it fixed?
  6. I hope you have better luck with the replacement your SA gave you. You have a right to be frustrated by this experience.
  7. ekekek, i'm SO sorry to hear whats happened!!! ***hugs***
  8. LVaddict! tell use how is every thing turns out when you get your pleaty back.
  9. They gave me a new one, right there!! I was really hungry and tired from traveling, so I wasn't taking NO for an answer.:rant: It worked!
  10. Thats awesome, glad things worked out.
  11. That's terrible! What is wrong with quality control these days? :mad:

    Glad to hear that you were persistent and got a new one - as you should!
  12. wow..........talking about quality....
  13. I am so glad they gave you a new one.