Broken clasp on PS1

  1. Well this is not my lucky bag... Love it dearly though!

    But the clasp has brokere or more specifically gone apart. Nothing seems to be actually broken in there. But it has seperated.

    I bought it second hand so no taking it back to the shop.

    How do I do this? There is a tiny screw, could it just need fastening?

    Any ideas or suggestions?

  2. ^:push: I think it would be quite easy to put it back in place though, as no parts has gone missing. I'm not sure where to go for repair, they need tools for the tiny screw. A drop of tightening fluid could also prevent it from happening again..
  3. Just screw the screw in?
  4. It's a bit difficult to explain...

    The head of the screw is behind the leather, so I can't screw it in. I think you need to take off the entire piece of leather that holds the clasp, if you understand?
  5. Oh no! You might go ahead and try to contact Proenza Schouler and see if they'll fix it, otherwise, can you slide the screw back in the hole it came from? maybe you can glue it in there with metal glue?
  6. I remember when the PS1 first became popular, a PF user's clasp had broken. And she contacted Proenza Schouler, I believe via E-mail, and they fixed it for her for free.. and sent her a free wallet. So I would try contacting them right away.
  7. did you ever manage to get this fixed? I am sure a good repair shop could do it for you. They'd probably have to take the piece of leather off, redo the screw and then put the bag back together. Should be possible.

    Please update us on your bag Katjamo.