Broken Chloe Bags - WHAT TO DO...

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Alright Ladies... I took it upon myself to email Chloe and express OUR concern on TPF about 08 Chloe bags and QC. DID mention the numerous issues we have been having w/ 08 paddys, heli, and now bays... and the GLUED handle issues...
    This is the response I received...

    Dear XXXXX,

    we apologize for your damaged item. In order to offer the best customer service, please contact the shop where you bought the item. Your case will then be appropriately handled so that your article can be repaired with as little delay as possible.

    Best regards
    The Chloé team

    HOWEVER.. the email response from Chloe was VERY prompt. AND... there was a return email address. I might suggest that Chloe girls who have had bag problems start emailing CHLOE and express their concerns about the quality and the way these bags are being made. No trying to incite a riot, just hoping that maybe Chloe will take notice if they start receiving a volume of complaints and concerns.
    Definitely email them if you are NOT getting any help from the store where you bought your bag!


    Include the year/style of your bag and explain your problem w/ the bag.
    We will see what happens.....
  2. Thanks for writing them. I'm more inclined to just stop buying from them and consider myself cured of my "Chloe" addiction - now onto Chanel......
  3. OMG :sad:!
    What´s the problem with the Bay...:sad::cursing::sad:?
  4. Quality control seems to be non existant!
  5. Some are reporting that the part of the handle which attaches to the buckle is GLUED together, and not STITCHED, and of course is coming unglued and the handles coming off the bag.... Pretty weighty bag to have the handles glued on.
  6. I CAN´T BELIEVE IT :rant::mad:!
    I need to check mine...:shocked:.
    I think I´m going to change my mind :amazed:. Maybe Balenciaga or LV...or something without trouble...:cry:?
  7. Thank you for posting this and taking the trouble to email Chloe...
  8. All are welcome.. no problem. I was curious to see IF they responded and what their suggestions/comments would be.
    Would like to CLARIFY that the bay handles seem to be glued where they attach to the BRASS RING (not buckle).
    And if anyone else contacts Chloe & gets any response, please post here...
  9. I had a look at my medium Quilted Bay, and how the handles are attached seems quite OK to me, there is real solid stitching and rivets, and brass rings and leather straps wrapped around them, it's rather complicated but looks trustworthy to me!

    Maybe you are talking about a different Bay style though!

    I could write Chloé because of the split on my Heloise handles, but then they were not even broken yet and LVR reacted fast and offered a full refund, but I decided to keep the bag as I didn't want to lose it and got it repaired, I wouldn't know what to tell them anymore. Other than trying to make them aware that they have major quality issues...
  10. Just send them an e-mail, too!
  11. This is totally disgusting. I am appalled that Chloe corporate has not bent over backwards to DO something. I realize that they cannot change their policy overnight and then have all sorts of goofed up bags showing up on their doorstep but why they don't sound more sympathetic is beyond me????
  12. Agreed Brigitte... I do NOT know what bay styles are affected. But the fact that ANY bag of this caliber has "glued only" handles is UNACCEPTABLE in my book. IMHO anyone who has had ANY issues w/ ANY Chloe bag, should be emailing Chloe with concern about their quality control. I would hope that they would pay attention if they keep getting repeated emails from handbag owners who have/had problems. They need to be made AWARE. And it will take THE MASSES emailing them to make them AWARE that the problems are not just a few isolated cases.
  13. I need to check my bags, but I will say, I've really loaded down my black quilted Bay when traveling and it has done well.
  14. What a great idea Ellie Mae!!! :tup:

    I think someone should email them all the links to the threads here where people have had problems with their Chloe Bags, there are more than a few!

    That way they will see that the issue is extremely wide-spread.

    I'd happily email them, but I tend to ramble on in my emails a bit, I think they might miss the point I was trying to make! :roflmfao:
  15. Yesterday, DH had a look at the bag and checked it. He loves the work of the leather (sorry,I don´t know if it´s the correct word :shame:smile: and has more idea than me.
    He thinks that the handles are stitched...:yes: