broken buckle on my new edith conteen - help!

  1. hi everybody - i just got my new whiskey edith conteen/tall satchel from the Neiman Marcus private sale, and the buckle is BROKEN! :crybaby:i talked online to customer support and they said they had no more of these bags, and that i could return it and have shipping refunded... but i LOVE this bag! what should i do? can i bring it to a Chloe boutique and get it repaired? i've seen some of these bags on eBay and am terrified of buying there, but i don't know how else to get this bag...

    any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you got a defective conteen. Did they offer a discount? They should!!! You didn't know buckle was broken when you bought it, so it is not fair for you to pay the advertised price. Call them again and explain the situation so they can do a price adjustment.

    I just got mine today from BergGoodman and it came without tags and very 'squeezed' together. I am having a hard time with the zipper and keeping the bag from getting wrinkled. It is a lot smaller than what I pictured.
  3. i'm so sorry, i think i received that same bag twice! if you want to keep it you could try calling chloe but definitely make sure you get an additional discount from bg/nm. good luck!