Broken bag, offered credit note, but not allowed another Galliera!

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  1. Galliera was my first LV (brought her home 2 months ago).. and the strap fell off. She went off to LV hospital last week. I got a call just then.

    (sorry it’s too late for full paragraphs)

    • Bag was sent to HK and it’s now fixed
    • I can come in to get a credit note or get the bag
    • I can get any bag BUT the Galliera with my credit note
    • I want bag with no problems. Why can't I have a new 1?
    • Can’t buy Galliera coz if it happens again, they can’t keep fixing it.
    • I just want a problem free bag. If I get a new bag, there should be no problem.
    • I’m happy to take the bag back, providing that the next time the same problem happens, I’ll get a new bag
    · Can’t guarantee that. Kinda said that if it happens again, they'll deal with it then. No guarantees.

    We spent heaps long haggling over this. Eventually she said she’ll talk to her manager to see if there’s anything they can do.

    My question now is…

    The way she’s said that I can’t get a new bag coz if the same problem happen again, they can’t keep fixing it. Does that mean the Galliera is doomed? :crybaby:

    I don’t want to keep going back with the bag and I certain don’t want it to break again!

    Ahhh this is frustrating!!!!!!

    Should I accept the bag back? Or insist they allow me buy a new Galliera with the credit note?
  2. I would take the bag back. If something happens again, I am sure they'll fix it for you.
  3. I would get the credit note and get another style of bag as there seems to be some issues with the Galliera:yes:
  4. I would get the store credit than sell it on ebay and let someone else buy the Galliera with the money from ebay again.
    If there's something again, they'll have to fix it - because it's another customer.
    p.s.:I have a Galliera PM and haven't had any problems wth her.
  5. get another bag
  6. But I love my Galliera and my Galliera only..... :crybaby:

    I walked outta work today and the lady in front of me had a Galliera PM. God I miss her!!

    My bag's broken twice already.. I know rationally I shouldn't get another Galliera.. but there's nothing else I want as an everyday bag.

  7. This is so unfair for you. I love the Galliera PM I have and will be so upset if mine breaks...what a choice?! I wouldn't know what to do in this situation, they must be aware of all the issues now and should send them all back and get them fixed PROPERLY or adjust the design...Im sure that will happen the meantime I would choose another bag altogether, no point keeping it, it's seems even the SA thinks it's likely to happen which case you have to ask why are they still selling them to customers at all?
  8. charmanda - I think you should move on from the Galliera if you've already had 2 problems with it. LV have many other beautiful bags that would work well as an everyday bag. Check out the LV site and I'm sure you'll fall in love with something else.
  9. exactly where does it break? at the ring, or at those pivot screws that hold the vachetta?
  10. I agree with getting a different bag. If you've had 2 problems & the SA seems to anticipate MORE problems, I'd find something else. I know you love it, but there are obviously serious issues with the bag (or a lot of them); even if you got a new one, it would probably wouldn't last a long time, nor would it have good resell value if you did get sick of it.
  11. i'm so sorry to hear that!

    i don't understand this...why are these the only options they are giving you?

    should you wish to use the store credit to buy another Galliera i don't think that should be an issue. especially since the bag you got had problems and maybe should not have been sold to you in the first place.

    maybe you can try elevating this issue? if not to the store manager, perhaps write an email to LV directly? perhaps that would help settle the issue should you really want a new Galliera pm.
  12. seems funny that they will happily sell another galliera to another customer that walks in but not to you? I find that confusing?
  13. You demand for another galliera or tell them to give you your money back. Its not your fault it broke. Tell them you'll never buy LV (of course just a threat) if they dont replace it with another galliera. If they say they cant demand to talk to the next higher person in charge. I'm sure if you make a big enough scene in the store they'll let you. Also if you see another person looking at that bag while they tell you no. Go up to them and say you know if it breaks like mine did they will only give you a different bag not another galliera. I never hear of these problems with LV around me (knock on wood). I think some one also had a problem with LV HK earlier this summer if i remember right.
  14. I've been bitten by the LV bug after I got the Galliera... and I've browsed and browsed the site to see if there's another style I like... which.. there ain't..

    The only other bag I'm gona buy is the Damier Neverfull... which my friend is gona buy for me in Hawaii (and at $300 cheaper too... ) so I'm not gona wait for its release here and then pay more for it here.

    Ahhh.. this is so hard... I might go to the store tmr to talk to the manager and maybe to see if there's something else.....

    FYi - this is what happened.
  15. Get another bag and wait until the Galleria has the issues worked out. The Galleria I saw in the boutique the other day had the strap broken off too. For such an expensive bag, you think there would not be such issues. It is beautiful though, so I can understand your frustration:cursing: