Broken bag! After only 11 days!!!!

  1. I'm so sad and angry!!! My beautiful poppy Marcie already has a broken strap after only 11 days of use! I just can't believe it! I'm devastated and heartbroken as I just love this bag! :sad: I can't believe the poor quality of a $2000 bag!? I'm taking it back immediately to the store. I hope my new Ochre Marcie doesn't suffer this same fate. Is this typical of Chloe quality or is this just a fluke?
  2. Oh I'm so sorry this happened! I own many chloe bags and thankfully have not had any issues with them. I agree that a 2K luxury bag should not be of poor quality; perhaps this was a fluke? Good luck with you repair/replacement/refund -- keep us posted.
  3. that is just so upsetting!! i really hope it is just a fluke! we dont seem to hear about bags breaking too often on here & lots of us are really using our bags, so i hope your next one is better made.

    my paraty did have small issues such as inner pocket zipper pull falling off - which really bugged me, but it is fixed now & fine. also the edges of my caramel paraty the color is rubbing off & under it is whitish - not too noticible but very annoying. just wonder how it will age as i have only had it for a year & used it a total of 40 days. but i still love this bag.
  4. I had a problem with my new Celine trapeze...... The stitching on the handle was coming undone & I'd only used it a couple of times, it was 3 weeks old but it was sent back to Italy for repair & I got it back after about 10 weeks but I was so upset & in all the years I've been buying designer bags I'd never had a problem so was shocked when I discovered the stitching coming undone........ I hope Chloe replaces the bag rather than repairing it & I would of had a replacement with my Celine bag but it had sold out every where & very hard to get anymore so I accepted a repair.
  5. Sorry to hijack your thread bunnches, but you will not believe this....

    I was so excited - not even an hour ago received my Chloe small Marcie satchel that I ordered from Nordstrom a few days ago. I open it up & give it a lookover...& it appeared used. First I see red nail polish scratches on the Chloe cards. Then I look on the bottom of the bag & it has some light wear on it as if it has been placed on a floor or, just basically, used. Then I notice the long strap has a white scratch on it. So I sling it over my shoulder by the 2 straps & would you believe the strap totally detached from the hardware!! The strange part is it came off so easily - I literally put it on my shoulder & the strap popped off!

    It is a gorgeous bag - I love the color, leather, everything about it, but seriously? For 2K I expect better quality.

    Of course I am bringing it back tomorrow. I am very upset.

    Love the bag - sad it is broken!!


    You can see the whitish wear in the middle of the photo around the middle seam

    The white scratch on strap

    The broken strap
  6. Oh No!! Not you too! Im sorry about your beautiful bag Beachgirl! I feel your pain. Are you going to exchange or just return it?
  7. Well, I returned my beautiful Marcie to Nordstroms. I was so upset to let her go, but I just couldn't take another chance on exchanging her and have the same thing happen to the new one. With my kind of luck, it probably wouldn't break until the return period was up next time! Anyway, Nordstrom was very nice about it...but the SA did tell me that I'm not the first to have this problem with Chloe bags. She has had many returned for quality issues like mine and Beachgirl's. Wish I knew that before I bought a second one! I'm scared to use the Ochre now because I bought it through the Chloe boutique and there are no returns...only exchange or store credit within 30 days. I'm so frustrated!
  8. beachgirl,

    Yours look like the pin/screw became undone and fell out. Just for future reference, I suggest that all of us check on screws on any bag every now and again. This is not necessarily a sign of poor quality by Chloe as this type of thing just happens sometimes. What color is your Marcie? It is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Omg, bunnches!! I can NOT believe that happened to your beautiful Poppy Marcie!! :wtf: You are so right. So unacceptable when you're spending $2,000 on a bag. Not okay!! :nono:

    And you too, beachgirl! :-s Shame on Nordies, I think, for shipping you a bag in that condition. Should have never gotten past QC! Such a shame because that's a gorgeous Tan Marcie!

    I really do hope these were anomalies... Chloe's bags are way too beautiful for them to be cutting corners on stitching and hardware quality. FWIW, I've been using my Elsie hard for a month and a half now and she looks like the day I purchased her, something actually a little shocking to me given her stark ivory color. Every stitch and seam in perfect condition... maybe there's hope yet!

    I hope Nordies makes it right in both of your cases!! :hugs:
  10. I am sorry you had to return & not exchange your bag. I am going to return mine too. I do love the look & size of this bag, so I am sure I will get another in the future after they fix this issue. I also know there are a lot of ladies here who are enjoying their Marcies & not having issues. I think kdo is right, we should check the screws on it when we get ours. sad to hear that SA at Nordies said it is common with the Marcie. Enjoy your other Marcie. There is a great chance that it is fine.

    btw, I could not decide between the Marcie satchel & hobo, so i ordered a small black marcie hobo the same time as the satchel, but it shipped seperately so I have not received it yet. i planned on keeping one, but now I dont know....I will let you know when it comes.
  11. I love the Marcie too much to not have one! everything else about it was gorgeous. the leather was so soft & the rest of the bag very well made. The color of this one is Tan. It has some orange tones, very very similar to my caramel paraty from Saks.
  12. I can't believe this is happening!

    First of all - Congrats Beachgirl on taking the plunge and getting your Marcie! However - WHAT IN THE WORLD?! This is madness. I'm also can not believe that bag got past Nordies QC.

    And Bunnches!!! After ALL THAT WAITING AND HEARTACHE? Such a let down.

    I really feel for you both. It freaks me out! I like to use my bags without worry. At one point I reeeeeally wanted a Heloise but decided against it after reading about all the strap issues.

    It makes me consider selling my paraty before something happens... :/ I don't think I can part with my Marcie... :smile:
  13. Bunnches, that is terrible and so disappointing! You just don't expect that to happen! I hope it's a one-off and the replacement is perfect!

    Beachgirl, yours definitely has been used! It looks like it was returned for repair and they got it all mixed up!

    I hope these are anomalies as you don't hear about damaged Chloe's much in here. Out of interest, what is Chloe's guarantee period? And does anyone know where their repair departments are based?
  14. You know it really sucks because that was the perfect bag for me and I'm really hesitant to buy another. I haven't even used my new Ochre yet because of this. I almost just kept it and had it repaired myself but I just can't get past paying that much and it breaks after 11 days! I have $150 Dooneys that I've used for years and they look brand new?! Just crazy and upsetting! I certainly hope no one else has this problem!
  15. I'm not sure about their guarantee or where they are repaired but I was really hesitant about buying my Chloe from a boutique because they have a no refund policy. I think that's pretty strange because even LV gives you 14 days but maybe this is why? Now I'm afraid to use my other one because of this :sad: